Meet Debbie

Debbie was born and raised on a property near the Mornington Peninsula, Vic where she recalls hot summer days spent at the beach as a, “blessed childhood”.

During her early 20’s For over 18 years Debbie travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe with her work within luxury fashion brands.

Debbie says this is where she developed a trained eye for detail, her in depth knowledge of colour palettes and a deeper passion for artwork.

Debbie returned to Australia in 2010, with the desire to live close to the beach again, settling in the Bayside area of Melbourne with her husband to raise their daughter.

Debbie embarked on the journey of motherhood with a whole new outlook on life. The birth of her daughter in 2007 ignited and inspired her creativity, and so Lelly Lou Designs was born.

Since early childhood she has had a great interest in the visual arts and drawing has always been her primary method of self-expression.

Debbie is mostly self taught and has successfully been selling art for 12 years.

Debbie aka Lelly Lou  paints intuitively from impressions of her memories of things seen around her travels of 18 years through Europe and the UK.